While my first blog entry centered on why travel consultants are more relevant than ever in a world overloaded with travel booking engines, I wanted to point out why a virtuoso consultant is even more relevant when it comes to delivering a unique travel experience that you would be hard pressed to put together on your own.

Virtuoso is the top travel consortium in the USA representing the top 1% of travel agencies who work with the worlds best hotel and tour brands.Being affiliated with a virtuoso agency like Coastline Travel Advisors allows me to be a part of the most respected consortium in the world offering huge buying power and delivering exceptional experiences.

This buying power is passed on to my clients through hotel programs that offer discounted or free nights, upgrades on arrival, free breakfasts or maybe a city tour. We have access to amazing air contracts for business class travelers circling the globe for work or pleasure, and we have onsite destination management companies in each country we work in. This means local knowledge and special offerings with guides that are not the cookie cutter bus tours of the past (although we do have some very nice bus tours!).

Rest assured that the hotels, management companies, and tour operators go through an exhaustive vetting process of becoming a virtuoso entrusted company and remaining one. Trip Advisor is great but reviews are often repetitive and divisive. When you use a virtuoso agent like myself, you can cut out the long nights staring at blurry reviews and can rest easy knowing that you will be staying in a property that meets top guidelines whether its a city stay at the Ritz or a charming boutique property in the English countryside.

Many people are beginning to realize the importance of a life filled with experiences as opposed to being filled with just "things." Free time is most likely your most valuable asset -- you cant get it back! Consequently, I like to consider my role as one similar to a financial advisor. With my virtuoso connections and first hand knowledge, I can make sure that you are maximizing your return with authentic experiences that translate into living a more full and well rounded life.

In the end, memories are what we treasure most and Im banking on my clients fondly recalling the private moonlit dinner on the beach, the time they got to experience a sacred site after closing without the crowds or the time they had a world class winemaker or chef all to themselves. These experiences are what separates a virtuoso advisor from the crowded field.

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