John Cagle Owner

Welcome to Cagle Travel! My name is John, and adventure is my passion. My interest in the travel business began at an early age when I dragged my mom to area travel agencies to clean them out of brochures to places I dreamed of visiting. After a family trip to Europe in high school followed by homestays in Germany and Spain, I was hooked. Upon graduation at NC State, I backpacked Europe before joining the "real" world. After a successful stint in the wine business, the road beckoned again, and I set out for a one year journey throughout the ancient lands of China, Tibet, SE Asia, and the wonders of the Pacific. This experience propelled me into following my passion and working in the top travel firms in NYC. When family and friends called me back to North Carolina, I partnered with Coastline Travel and founded Generation Go Travel with Martin Green with the mission to serve a discerning and curious clientele who share my same passion for experiencing the world in a unique way. When I'm not scoping out new thrills, I can be found enjoying a good glass of wine and the company of my golden retriever. Now that you know a little about me, Id like to learn more about you and where you'd like to go. Drop me an email to get started!

Favorite Quote: “Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard